About Us

ACW INDIA corporate phsilospohy revolves around Science Solutions and Life. This phsilospohy is the foundation of ACW`s vision "To energe as a globally respected company in the field of life Science and Laboratory solutions by providing quality products and services and creatind winnig relationshep."
Science ....lies at the very core of ACW`s

From its origin to the present day, ACW`s hearnessed Science as the key driver for deliviring ezecllence through fandamentals of researches and development. Science is reflected in ACW`s indigenous renge of hightechnolgy products and in its stragigic allieance with global leaders. The thurst on Science enables ACW`s to provide the sound knowledge support to all customers.
Solutins.... emerging from the roots of Science

Innovation based of scientific research and development,has helped ACW`s sevolve comparrehensive Solutions. These Solutions are customized to accelerate and add value to quality assurance and manufacturing process for customers, suited the specific needs to across diverse range of indusrties.
Life...The very porpose of our work

ACW`s gives the new meaning to life with its innovative actions.The products are service help add value to,and improve the quality of Life of millions of humens as well as animals,directly an indirectly. Through the two stragtegic business units,namely.

ACW`s covers the expanse of life scinces industries including battery industries,schools and colleges,Labs in clinical labs,hospital and nursing homes, food processing,goverment department like-: Animal Husbandy,C.M.S.D, Prag Dairy.

Science backed Solutions to enhance life,is thus the core essence of ACW`s, a prograssive orginazation,where all work seamlessy as a team to go beyond the customers`expactions,providing laboratory solution and life sciences produts and services.

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